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Services We Provide


Architectural Documentation Services


Revit based BIM Support Services


Construction Services


Simple Drafting Services


Maintain a One Team Approach, consider RSMS as a part of your internal team, that sits in a different geographical location.


Ensure that Agreed Deliverables are delivered as scheduled.

Ensure that no one in your office would have to spend time redoing the work.

You Should

Establish RSMS Deliverables from the Sheet List with Due Dates.

Identify a willing Person in your office who would liaise with RSMS
(Max 45 min /day).

Share a Reference Project for us to adapt to your documentation style

Our Understanding

AIA Recommended

Documentation is personal to every architectural firm. We have been following the AIA documentation recommendations in our documentation, hence we can adapt our documentation as per the architects personal preference, thus giving a 'in office documentation' standard

Building Codes

We have been following the IBC since our inception, and hence understand how to incorporate them into our drawings, thus easing the pressure and creating a slipstream process for faster delivery.

Once we have Code Analysis, we can understand Intent that needs to be built in the design 

Construction Systems

Having been in the industry for more than 2 decades, we understand the construction methodology followed according to the IBC.

Building Types

RSMS has an good experience in all building occupancy types especially Institutional Type that require the most extensive documentation.

We can assist you on any occupancy including mixed occupancy.
We have worked significantly on OSHPD projects.

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