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Our Story.

The idea began in the summer of 1999 after six of us travelled to San Francisco to begin working and commence training to work seamlessly with American architectural offices.

         By 2000, we had learnt the basic needs of an architectural office in the United States. We had acquired a basic grounding in most of the applicable building codes, we had understood the AIA recommended architectural documentation system. Over the next few years, we also learnt the practical aspects of the construction technology prevalent in the US. We could now work seamlessly with an architectural office in the US and become an extension of their workforce.

         We had acquired the required skills and knowledge to assist the American offices by picking up the work after they ended their day and return the work back before they started their next day.

It was 6 year later that we felt we were ready!. We formally established RSMS in 2006 to provide architectural documentation services to US based architectural firms.

For past 22 years,  we've worked with multiple organizations and we refined our process and honed our skills. Today we are working with major architectural firms across the USA.


We hope that soon we can work with you.



Staff at RSMS are graduates of good schools in the country. They are chosen for their positive can do attitude.

  • Projects are always led by Partners who remain answerable for the deliverables.

  • Deployed Team remains consistent throughout the contract timeline.

  • Well experienced team that understands architecture and building codes.

  • RSMS Team does not have to be managed.

Four E @ RSMS


RSMS Team Leads have over 22 years of experience and we well versed in US Based works.  


RSMS strives to be economical for you throught our flexibility, prompt response and approach. 


RSMS is committed to the of promises it makes. You decide the timelines & we'd meet them


RSMS is committed to the excellence & is  Responsible . Proj are always led by partners. 


Rohit Jain

Tel: +91 9810103906

HS Sandhu.jpg
HS Sandhu

Tel: +91 9811077209

Manu Malhotra.jpg
Manu Malhotra

Tel: +91 11 26898616

AS Sandhu.JPG
AS Sandhu

Tel: +91 9810791652

Business Development

gaurav pp (2)_edited.png
Gaurav Pratap Singh
Business Development

Tel: +91 9818499920

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