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What We Do


Architectural Documentation Services


Revit based BIM Support Services


Construction Services


Simple Drafting Services

Where Do You Start


You will need to identify the project you would need our services on.


Book an appointment with us to get a better understanding of our services.


We charge a nominal flat per hour fee for the services we offer, depending on the project type


Faster turn around time

Experienced & Consistent Team

Flexible work force

Our Understanding

Building Codes

We know that you as a designer have a design intent and it has to be within the framework of building codes. We are no code experts but we can integrate the code in your documentation

Once we have Code Analysis, we can understand Intent that needs to be built in the design 


AIA Recommended Documentation

Every firm has its own unique way of documenting their designs. We understand the AIA recommended documentation system, that allows us to quickly adapt to your documentation system.

Understanding Arch Documentation.PNG

Construction Systems

We have experience of all types (as defined in IBC) of Construction. Type 1A  is the most prevalent construction type we have helped our clients document.

In most of the R Type Occupancy projects, Type V has been the predominant construction type.


We understand the drywall construction. We can read the Structural & MEP Drawings and can relate them with the Architectural Set. 

Construction Type.PNG

Building Types

RSMS has an good experience in all building occupancy types especially Institutional Type that require the most extensive documentation.

We can assist you on any occupancy including mixed occupancy.

We have worked significantly on OSHPD projects

Construction System.PNG
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