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Manu Malhotra.jpg

Manu Malhotra

Director | Founder Partner

Manu Malhotra an architectural graduate from College of Architecture Nasik (Pune University) has more than two decades of experience and is a healthcare design specialist and leads the RSMS Healthcare Vertical.

His first hand experience, understanding and knowledge of current trends in healthcare design and an excellent understanding of hospital processes allow him to easily reach architectural solutions that are practical and efficient. His skills on Tenders, Tender Evaluation/Negotiations & Construction allows him to assist clients in gaining a good financial control over projects.

He has constantly refined his projects and never repeated a design solution. In his role, he provides vision, & leadership to his team, and challenges them to be efficient and better with each passing project.

He has been featured in Design Publications & is recipient of B.V. Doshi Gold Medal for Excellence in Design”. He has also been felicitated by Architects and Engineers Associa! on, Pune and Nasik for his exceptional achievements and contributions. He has also delivered lectures on leadership & healthcare issues

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