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Metreon, San Francisco

The Metreon is a shopping center located in downtown San Francisco, California, United States at the corner of 4th Street and Mission Street. It is a four-story 350,000 sq ft (33,000 m2) building built over the corner of the underground Moscone Center convention center.

Source : Wikipedia



Project Metrics

  • 350,00 SQFT existing building to be reused as Retail in downtown San Francisco

  • Existing & Proposed design documented in 126 Sheets each for both DD & CD

  • RSMS Deployment @ 7 staff for 12 months


RSMS Scope

  • Stage 1= develop a revit model based off 1965/1990 drawings

  • Stage 2= Assign phases  to elements

  • Stage 3 = Generate required drawings from the BIM model

Metreon 04_edited.jpg
Metreon 03.jpg


Creating a Digital Asset Model

Scope included creating a structurally accurate digital model from the project pdf from 1960's & 1990's.

Skill used : Ability to interpret structural models & multiple levels that exist on the site. 


100% Documentation

Entire design including demolition, phasing was derived from Revit model in 126 sheet. Including exit paths & Life safety information.

Metreon Cover.jpg


Complex Modeling

SFO has a very stringent Life Safety code provisions. This existing Building had Scissor Staircase. Drawing 3 in the image captures the one particular floor, that  was being served by 4  stairs.

Metreon 06.jpg
Metreon 7.png
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